We have innovated how investments are made, and with innovation comes curiosity. Below is a list of the top questions we receive. We are excited to share this new platform with everyone!

Yes! As fiduciaries, we are required to adhere to a fiduciary standard. That means we are required both ethically and legally to put your interest before our own. 

Typically, the clients we work with don’t have the time to take care of every detail themselves or have the desire to do the research necessary to execute a financial plan on their own. They appreciate the convenience our digital platform brings them. 

SG Wealth Managers believe in executing a disciplined and fundamentally sound strategy using written trading rules. There is no guessing, timing the market, or taking an unnecessary risk when it comes to managing your life savings. With our investment strategy, you know what to expect from us.

We will bring our office to you. Meet with your advisor from your home or office using Zoom, sign documents using DocuSign, and schedule meetings on your time. You also gain access to your financial plan 24/7 with a custom client portal. 

We hear most often from clients that they like the personalized service they receive from their advisor. We strive to make everyone feel like they are talking to a trusted friend and not a large institution.

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